What to expect

In the therapeutic relationship, I believe you're the best authority in knowing and choosing the areas of your life we'll explore during our sessions. As your therapist, my role is to be alongside you and to actively create a safe space where I can support and facilitate your explorations. In our sessions, I’ll endeavor to sensitively and respectfully communicate my moment-to-moment understanding of what might be going on for you which may help you to see yourself in new ways and with greater clarity.

If you decide to have counselling/psychotherapy with me, the relationship we form and sense of connection you may feel are significant aspects of our work together.

We can look at what’s causing distress and work together to enable you to process your difficulties, thereby helping you to find a way through them. Through this, you may become more attuned to yourself and develop greater awareness of your capabilities. 

Throughout our time together, I’ll value your autonomy as a client.

I’ll welcome hearing and working with any feedback you may have. Central to my training is carrying ethical awareness of the responsibility that I hold within my role as counsellor. 


My fees reflect my skill, experience and level of training as a BACP registered member practicing in Brighton and Hove. 

I offer 50 Minute sessions on a weekly basis, Sessions are often on the same day at the same time. I have different appointment times available and offer evening sessions, as well as Saturdays.


Fees are charged on a per session basis 

I offer individual Counselling priced at £45 per session with a free introductory session. 

I have a limited amount of student concessions priced at £30 with a commitment to 20 sessions